Spring is Here and it’s Time to Rock & Roll!

Ut oh, someone face planted at the beach on the last day of vacation.

Shipping season is both exciting and fun and as they say “That’s how you get time to fly!!” The challenge as always, is getting everyone everything they need in the short and compressed season that is spring. So far, knock on wood, it’s been pretty manageable and I’m thankful to my customer base for their business and when necessary, their patience.

We have been shipping heavily into the southeast and mid Atlantic areas as spring broke earlier than usual, or so it seems. We are getting tons of positive feedback both about how lovely our #10 skip laurels are and how full and nice all sizes of our emerald arbs are again this year. We have a good supply of hardy rhododendrons in all colors for this spring, a positive for everyone.

Everyone is loving the #10 Weeping Maples like Tamukeyama, Crimson Queen, Orangeloa and Viridis. We still have good numbers on most #10 maple varieties so add them to your order before they’re gone!

SURPRISE SPECIAL! Usually boxwood availability in April is almost non-existent but look on our availability list, we have lots of varieties, some are even on special.

Remember, all the plants have been fertilized and are ready to go for immediate sales. We go the extra mile and fertilize both in the fall as well as early spring. We want you to receive the plants ready to sell. Our goal, as always, is to send you only the best, ready to go prime plant material… No surprises for you or your customer base!

BUY THESE NOW! The hydrangeas are just starting to leaf out so now is a great time to bring them in so they are at their best and flowering in your facility on your schedule. We have many great varieties to choose from so don’t be shy, go crazy, variety is the spice of life. A fabulous addition are the #10 Hydrangea on Standards. They are gorgeous and need a home, the perfect add on to your order. I don’t really have a favorite variety on standard but we have a Pink Diamond in our backyard… it brings so much joy to the family as it changes colors through the season from green, to creamy white to light pink to dark pink. Every year I hear… “Wow look at how that flower changes color all summer.”

UNBELIEVABLE, we still have some nice #10 Juniper Blue Points that are at 4’ and full. Grab them before they’re gone. These great silvery blue junipers are ideal as an accent plant or perfect for a narrow screen where space is limited. BOOK THEM NOW as they will be gone soon I’m sure.

ANDROMEDAS, the numerous varieties are still in bud and bloom. The Pieris Dorothy Wycoff are outstanding in a 5 gallon as are the 7 gallon Pieris Mountain Fires. Oh, the #3 Pieris Prelude and Caventine are awesome too. Nice full plants with lots of buds and flowers. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO SHIFT UP TO A 3-5 GALLON, then the #1 Prelude, Caventine and Scarlet O’hare would be your perfect solution!

The container grown ottos have been in high demand this spring and we have just a few of the 6 gallons left, but check out the special deal on the 24/30” b&b ottos, they are beautiful and a great value. We planted these Ottos from a gallon pot 3 years ago so the roots are well developed with a nice firm ball. Our diggers are standing by ready to dig them for your order. Again, our fresh fertilized ottos are the BEST.

3 GALLON BLUEBERRIES ARE ON SALE NOW. I don’t know what happened, but I have more than usual and need to move ’em. Lots of great varieties, just starting to leaf out and fruit buds will come soon. All plants are nice and full. Are you thinking blueberry muffins or blueberry pie? I love them frozen in my morning cereal, it’s the best!

It looks like we have avoided most of winter’s damage, but we are seeing some die back in Leucothoe Rainbow gallons and some Abelia Kaleidoscope gallons. We will continue to pull orders but unfortunately may need to cut the quantities back on some orders. Trust me, it pains me to even say those words and should a shortage arise I will do my utmost to replace the plants. I’m always on the lookout for more plants from quality growers.

Thank you for your continued business, all of us at Plants West are greatly appreciative.

Alicia and the nursery crew